Tattoos: The Best And The Worst – Part 4: The Shock and Awe Edition

The Velvet Rocket

While working on the previous segment in the Tattoo Madness series, I realized that it would be unfair not to warn my dear readers who enjoy The Velvet Rocket at work of a post that could possibly cause them to run afoul of their company’s internet usage monitoring service. Hence, a separate post is created below to display some of the more shocking material I have discovered. Of course, there is some tamer content mixed in as well in the interest of providing some diversity.

Let’s ease into this…

Some people pay to have varicose veins removed. This guy took the opposite approach.

tattoo of veins

Ummm… Interesting?

brain tattoo

Check out the tattoos below that these chicks got after they were fully pregnant. What will the tattoos look like after they give birth? Horrible, would be my guess.

tattoos when pregnantpregnancy tattoos

Imagine if this tattoo were on a chick that got pregnant! That would be some spooky-looking…

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